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Google Ads Updates Policy To Allow Sports Betting Ads, Know Certification Process

Google has made a significant update to its gambling and games policy, specifically for the United States. Starting from January 4, the platform will now accept and display ads for sports betting from state-approved entities in Delaware. This move opens up new advertising opportunities for eligible operators but comes with a requirement for accreditation.

The update allows eligible advertisers in Delaware to promote sports betting services through Google Ads. This is a notable shift, and advertisers looking to capitalize on this opportunity need to navigate the accreditation process outlined by Google.

To run sports betting ads in Delaware, advertisers must undergo a certification process. Here’s a step-by-step guide based on your operator type:

Privately-Licensed Operators
If your operations are privately-licensed and you are based in a country where Google permits online gambling content, follow these steps:

->Fill out the online gambling application form available in the Google Ads Help Center.
->Provide all requested information promptly to avoid delays.

State-Run Entities
For operators running under state-run entities in countries where Google allows only such entities, use the following process:

->Utilize the designated form for certification, specifying that you are seeking accreditation as a state-run gambling entity.
->Include your website URL in the ‘Summary of the issue’ section.
->If you haven’t set up a campaign or ad group, enter N/A in the ‘Campaign name and Ad group name’ section.

Social Casino Game Operators
Operators of social casino games looking to target specific country groups must follow these steps:

->Complete the provided form, providing your website URL or app details.
->Include your Google Ads customer ID.
->Clearly specify the country group you are targeting.
->Submit a separate application form for each country you intend to target.

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